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Web Hosting

Fixed price, pre-engineered solutions, highly available and scalable with auto-recovery capabilities on AWS. Designed, built, and managed by vNOC
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Single click autoscaling deployments of one of the world’s most popular content management systems in highly available configurations.
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Static App

Deploy massively scalable web applications for a fraction of the cost of traditional dynamic website solutions.
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Simplify the deployment and management of your Magento e-commerce platform with our native autoscaled environments.
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Custom Stack

Leverage our Custom Stack offering with full access to tune and manage the environment your way.

Simplified Interface

The vNOC Hosting Services console provides a simple roll up management page for each of your environments. From this page, you can view your applications configuration, health, endpoints, event logging, and monitoring data.

Hosting Services - Console

Service Options


Manage your Domain Name System (DNS) records with the vNOC DNS management console. Routing your network traffic to your cloud infrastructure.


Improve performance with the embeded caching capabilities of our hosting services with a content delivery network (CDN) that will automatically route requests to its nearest datacenter globally.


Centralize the protection of your website from malicious attackers with a Web Application Firewall (WAF).

Load Balancer

Automatically distribute traffic across your instances and validate the health of the environment.


Virtual private servers for web application hosting available in both Linux and Windows with autoscaling options.

Linux | Windows | Remote Access

Leverage the power of in-memory cache solutions like Redis in your environment for optimal performance.


Simplified database setup in both single and highly available deployment configurations. With 5 available database engines to power your application, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Aurora, and MariaDB.

Remote Access


  • I am extremely happy with the service that vNOC Hosting Services has provided for my WordPress hosting. Not only is the hosting service great, they have gone above and beyond with any technical issues I’ve had, including non-hosting related. I now have the peace of mind knowing that I can scale my business without worrying about the website.
    -Annie Spano, CEO of Style Collective

Complimentary Value Adds

Simplified Interface

Providing a single interactive interface for managing your application on AWS.


Providing compliementary DNS hosting powered by vNOC and the Amazon Route 53 DNS service with world wide redundancies.

Centralized Logging

Providing centralized web application logging across all AutoScaling instances.

Content Delivery Network

Complimentary CDN access without any customer code changes required. This allows our offering to dynamically cache content around the world increasing website performance.


AWS Autoscaling provides the elasticity and scalability so many customers desire. However this service can require significant effort to implement and maintain. Our hosting offers autoscaling options without the need for application code changes.

SSL Certificates

Providing complimentary SSL certificates to our hosting customers.